Social Skills Apps For Children & Young Adults With Autism And Special Needs

Middle & High School

Social Skill Builder software targets development of 103 specific skills in four categories: self-management skills (e.g., using self-control, dealing with teasing), assertion skills (e.g., asking for help, introducing yourself), academic skills (e.g., completing tasks, organizing materials), and compliance skills (e.g., following rules, waiting for your turn). Communication skills are essential in the teen years and these four categories help build these skills.

For Middle and High school-aged children, we recommend the following software programs:

My Community

My Community teaches children, teens and young people appropriate social behaviors, interactions, expectations and safety precautions with various peers and adults in their community.
Social Skills in Neighborhood and Community Settings, Age 5 – 15.




School Rules! Vol 1

School Rules! Volume 1 teaches older children (of cognitive age 8-18) acceptable behaviors during structured activities related to the classroom, group work and physical education. This volume also presents real-life video scenarios covering those parts of school life that are not part of academic programming, including hanging out with friends, hallway interaction, and the sensitive issues of PE locker room and personal hygiene. This program allows parents and teachers to tailor the video sequences to match each child’s individual skill level.
Middle – High School Social Skills, Life Skills, Age 8 – 18




School Rules! Vol 2

School Rules! Volume 2 takes up where School Rules! Volume 1 leaves off, teaching social interpretation skills during unstructured times when social rules are most challenging. Its a great way to build social and organizational skills in children who run into difficulty dealing with lunch periods and hallway interactions between classes.
Middle – High School Social Interpretation Skills, Organization, Listening Skills, Age 8 – 18