Social Skills Apps For Children & Young Adults With Autism And Special Needs

Elementary School

Social Skill Builder software targets development of 103 specific skills in four categories: self-management skills (e.g., using self-control, dealing with teasing), assertion skills (e.g., asking for help, introducing yourself), academic skills (e.g., completing tasks, organizing materials), and compliance skills (e.g., following rules, waiting for your turn).

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For Elementary school-aged children, we recommend the following software programs:

My School Day

My School Day Enahanced has over 350 scenarios that demonstrate appropriate interaction, social behaviors, problem-solving and peer relationships within a school setting.

Educational Classroom Social Skills, Age 5-12









My Community

My Community teaches children and young people appropriate social behaviors, interactions, expectations and safety precautions with various peers and adults in their community. Whether in school, the library or the playground this will build valuable social skills for children.
Social Skills in Neighborhood and Community Settings, Age 5 – 15.