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Social Skill Builder is an excellent supplement to the most commonly used schoolwide intervention programs

Social Skill Builder (SSB) is an excellent supplement for any school wide behavior intervention/support system such as Response to Intervention (RtI) or Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support (PBIS). Social Skill Builder provides a proactive, preventive approach to identification of emotions in self and others. In addition, SSB provides explicit, systematic instruction in appropriate social skills in a variety of environments for all school age students. This is accomplished through a leveled system of interactive, video vignettes representing typical social behavior/issues encountered by students.

Since the purpose of RtI is to provide interventions prior to consideration of a referral for more extensive evaluation, SSB is an excellent vehicle to provide interventions for students who are experiencing behavioral difficulties or presenting with significantly deficient social skills which are interfering with their classroom performance.

Social Skill Builder is useful at both Tier 1 (interventions in the general education classroom provided by the teacher of other professional) and at Tier 2 (short term interventions outside the general education classroom for targeted behaviors of concern that need more attention and instruction).

Like PBIS, SSB identifies potential environmental situations which are likely to result in demonstration of problem student behavior and provides direct instruction to assist students with developing insight into the problem as well as assisting students with appropriate solutions to the problems.

Social Skill Builder is aligned to the Common Core Standards such as:

SL.CCR .6. Adapt speech to a variety of contexts and communicative tasks, demonstrating command of formal English when indicated or appropriate.

  • L.4.3a. Choose words and phrases to convey ideas precisely.
  • L.6.1e. Recognize variations from Standard English in their own and others’ writing and speaking, and identify and use strategies to improve expression in conventional language.
  • L.6.3a. Vary sentence patterns for meaning, reader/listener interest, and style.
  • L.7.3a. Choose language that expresses ideas precisely and concisely, recognizing and eliminating wordiness and redundancy.

IDEA regulations require the development of a Behavior Intervention Plan designed to teach appropriate behavior in a variety of situations. Social Skill Builder is an excellent tool to address specific social skill deficits and document progress on the skills.

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