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Social Skill Builder Downloadable App

It’s Here! The Update of the Social Skill Builder App: All 13 Scenarios to make My School Day complete!

The final three in-app modules for the My School Day title are now available, making 19 total modules in the Social Skill Builder App!

These last three modules, Line Up, Playground & Hall, round out the 13 module title of My School Day. All these videos and questions are focused on the elementary school day and teaches conflict resolution and personal relationships within the classroom and beyond, including the tough topic of bullying.

The new Social Skill Builder FULL App, is available for $24.99, and contains all 19 modules! Download the Social Skill Builder Full App or Social Skill Builder Lite from the App store or i-Tunes!

The modules contained in the FULL version include:

2 modules in the title Preschool Playtime (Preschool & Playground)

13 modules in the title My School Day (Laughing, Table Talk, Classroom, Transition Time, Lunch Time, Jungle Gym, Team Games 1 & 2, Cubby, Eating, Playground, Hall & Line Up)

2 modules in the title My Community (Friend’s House & Restaurant)

2 modules in the title School Rules! (Hanging Out & Classroom Assignments)

The Social Skill Builder App LITE, a sample of sorts, contains one module of videos and questions each for the My School Day, Preschool Playtime, School Rules! and My Community titles. It is available for $2.99, and additional modules are available at $1.99 each.

Each module contains approximately 10 questions with corresponding videos of learning interactions!

Also, within the Social Skill Builder App you can use the pause button during the video sequences to “stop the action” and discuss teachable moments or take a screen shot to place in your iPad/iPhone photos to be used in different teaching settings as no verbal prompts or pictures to take home and discuss family members. To take a photo of your screen on your iPad or iPhone, press the HOME button with the POWER button at the same time. The photo will be saved in the Pictures folder of your device.

All existing users can simply update their current Social Skill Builder App to incorporate the new My School Day title modules for FREE! Please note, you may need to reauthorize by putting in your Apple ID and password to update and download the modules you already own, but you will NOT be charged again.

We are rated 4 Stars by users, and we are constantly working on new content to make this your go-to App for teaching social skills.