Social Skills Apps For Children & Young Adults With Autism And Special Needs


From the ages of one to three, Conner was acting out and throwing tantrums, and was well on his way to becoming his daycare’s class bully. Early intervention, plus regular sessions with the Preschool Playtime series of CD-ROMs, resulted in quick and dramatic improvements in Conner’s social skills.

Three-year-old Christopher showed difficulties in comprehending and using speech appropriately, and was referred to a therapist. When the therapist encouraged the use of the Preschool Playtime CD-ROMs from Social Skill Builder, his mother Noreen was astonished and delighted with his rapid progress.

Taking your child to a speech pathologist or psychologist for assessment is the first step to identifying social deficits and customizing a training program to fit your child’s needs. This article gives parents a description of the typical assessment process and discusses a wide spectrum of social training techniques the practitioner may recommend for your child.

Children with ADHD don’t only face learning challenges; they frequently experience substantial social difficulties as well. Covering methods ranging from no-tech to high-tech, this article discusses techniques that have proven effective in teaching social skills to children with ADHD.

It is notoriously difficult for children with ASD to acquire social skills that come to many of us naturally. This article presents the reasons why it’s so critical that caregivers and educators not give up prematurely on their efforts to teach social skills to children with ASD.

Children with developmental disabilities have difficulty understanding basic interactions and the unspoken rules of social behavior. Fortunately, parents, educators and therapists can now choose from an array of effective tools that can significantly streamline the process of teaching social skills to children.

With its causes and cures not yet fully understood, autism is a condition shrouded in mystery. This article presents a concise list of the established facts that scientists and educators have discovered about Autism Spectrum Disorders and the people who are afflicted by them.