Getting Organized! Social Skill Videos Always Accessible


“Organization isn’t about perfection; it’s about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money and improving your overall quality of life.” –Christina Scalise

It seems every January I focus on getting organized. Whether it is cleaning out closets or managing my workspace I am always trying to simplify; which usually results in several trash bags being hauled out to the curb.

One area that I would like to organize is my videos. I use video modeling in my practice to target social skills but am hopeless about my video organization methods. I will download video in a million different places and I am always wasting time searching. This year I resolve to create one central video library. But where?

There are several choices

Folder on your computer: This is the most accessible way to reach your videos, but it can take up a lot of space. Also, when you computer dies (which it will) you are then stuck making sure that you preserve that video file… Especially difficult if your computer is on the fritz!

External Hard Drive: I used to think this was the best solution, that was until my hard drive crashed to the floor and started making a really weird noise. All the data was unrecoverable (or recoverable at a cost that I wasn’t willing to pay). Anything physical can break… and probably will! 🙁

Zip Drive: Same concept of as external hard drive. Great until they go through the washing machine been there – done that… no longer working!

External Internet Server:There are several places, iCloud,, Vimeo, Dropbox, etc where you can store data and video files on an internet based server. Some of these have file size limitations, unless you pay some sort of fee. Which can get expensive. Of the ones I have tried, I like Vimeo the most, because although it has a daily limitation to how much you can upload…you can host a lot of videos on their site at no charge. You can also download your video from their site the quality can sometimes be compromised…but it allows you to access it whenever from wherever you like. Thy also have an app, where I can get my videos on my iPad. The downside is that these site could some day go away…for example FlipShare with Flip Cameras went out of business and they took their storage server with them… not a good day!? 🙁


One the best things about the Social Skill Builder software and apps is that all the videos live in the software. You don’t have worry about saving it or accessing it. It is incorporated within the program…so it is very easy to use.


I recently bought a new computer without an internal CD drive. Although I have since purchased one (can’t live without it), I could easily of taken my Social Skill Builder CD and put it on a zip drive or another method stated above to use on my computer directly. It really is very versatile.

So even though I know I won’t master all my organizational goals, I know at least with my Social Skill Builder software I am covered!

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