Social Skills Apps For Children & Young Adults With Autism And Special Needs

Let Us Help You Choose the Right Software

Social Skill Builder software, Preschool Playtime Vol. 1 & 2, My School Day, My Community, and School Rules! Vol. 1 & 2, targets development of 103 specific skills in four categories:

Each program contains a lesson plan feature that allows the facilitator to choose what video and targets are presented to the user.
Ways to maximize the lesson plan include:

  • Choose a Pre-Set Lesson plan from the selected list, to target specific areas of need including Problem Solving, Social Language, etc.
  • Advance the sequence of videos to where the user had left off from their last lesson
  • Add or remove video sequences and questions to appropriately challenge the user
  • Remove particular videos/questions that are issues or concerns for the user
  • Add particular videos that highlight key problem areas quickly