Social Detective Beginner App!

Social Skill Builder is proud to announce the release of the Social Detective Beginner App! This is a collaborative effort between Social Skill Builder and Social Thinking based on the book “You are a Social Detective” by Pamela Crook and Michelle Winner.

The app is a small slice of the primary components of the “You are a Social Detective” software program, currently offered in CD format (soon to be offered in zip drive).

The Social Detective app is designed for elementary age students. The student is presented with images and concepts from the award winning book, then given a pretest to verify that concepts are understood. If the user gets 100% on the pretest, then they can advance to practice the concepts on videos of real kids. “We purposely designed the app to be sequential in advancement” says co-creator Jennifer Jacobs. “The students must first understand the skills before they move ahead in the game.”

All data or scores are saved while the students play the app, and can later be emailed out to share progress with educators or parents. The students are very motivated to play by the reinforcing graphics and videos of real children.

Talking Talks review of the app stated:

“You are a Social Detective is a fantastic complement to teaching social skills with interactive video modeling.

The app uses interactive video scenarios of real students to engage the user to answer questions, make smart social guesses and establish outcomes. The use of peer appropriate models is really beneficial in facilitating engagement.”

Check out a video previewing the app and all its components.

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