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Social Detective Advanced

Social Detective Advanced brings the final elements of Social Behavior Mapping to life! Allow students to view social scenarios & practice their social detective skills!

The Social Detective Advanced app picks up where the Social Detective Intermediate app leaves off. The user is asked to create social behavior maps from video scenarios shown to identify:

• Expected and Unexpected Behaviors
• The Feelings of Others
• How a Person Responded Based on How They Feel
• The Feelings That Were Felt About How Others Responded
The Social Behavior Map helps the user relationship between a person’s BEHAVIORS, other’s PERSPECTIVE and the FEELINGS associated with the interaction. This social-emotional chain reaction requires the understanding that is provided in the Social Skill Builder’s Beginner and Intermediate Social Detective Apps.

In this app users will take the final step and map out the related consequences to these various behaviors and feelings. The social behavior maps are used to help visualize and explain what is happening with people around us when we demonstrate expectedand unexpected behavior, see how these behaviors made others feel, and understand the actions that resulted. Users can practice being a social detective and map out the social mysteries all around them!

Social Perspective Taking

The Social Perspective Taking app teaches children and adolescents empathy and how to take the perspective of others.  It allows users to match the appropriate thoughts, feelings, and verbal dialog to the individuals shown in various social scenarios in an elementary school, middle/high school & in the community.  Multiple users from 7 years through teens can relate to these familiar settings and make choices based on context cues they encounter.

Over 100 images and corresponding thought bubbles and speech balloons are presented for users to practice their perspective taking skills. Users click and drag thought bubbles or speech balloons over individuals in the image, to represent their intent and behavior, in specific social situations. Facial expression, body language and environmental context must be considered to find the correct answers. Users are given two chances to select their answers before correct answers are given.

Progress is recorded for each answer and users are able to email their scores to their teachers, parents, or therapists to track development of skills. Users must be readers or have someone available to read answers to them.  Download today!

SDintmedSocial Detective Intermediate

The suite of Social Detective apps teach school age children to become better social thinkers by putting on their detective hats and deciphering the understanding of expected and unexpected social behavior. They teach users how to use their eyes, ears and brain to make smart social guesses and investigating clues to see how others emotions and responses are connected to their own behavior using video of real life scenarios.

The Social Detective Intermediate App for the iPad is the latest addition to the Social Detective Beginner app and a companion to the You are a Social Detective book By Michelle Garcia Winner and Pamela Crooke. The Social Detective Intermediate app picks up where the Beginner app leaves off and focuses on decoding the thoughts and emotions of people students interact with day to day. Using this information, students will make smart guesses to predict what those people might do or say next.

Social Detective Intermediate App Vocabulary:

Smart Guesses: This is when we use all of our tools (remembering, seeing, hearing, knowing and feeling) to figure things out and then, make a guess based on what we know about the world. Smart guesses are “expected” and make others have good thoughts about us because they know we are trying to figure things out!

Social Detective Tools: We all have social detective tools that we can use all of the time to help us figure out people and places. These important tools are: eyes, ears and brains, and of course, understanding feelings of others. (Often feelings are represented with a picture of a heart.)

Social Thinker: Each of us is a “social thinker” every day. This means we are always aware that people are around us and having thoughts about each of our behaviors. We are social thinkers, even when people are not talking to, or playing with us. All of us should be social thinkers each day.

Exercises Within The Social Detective Intermediate app:

The Notebook – Allows students to practice being a social decoder, by making a smart guess on the thoughts, emotions, and guesses the characters in the social scenes are experiencing.

The Flashlight – Allows students to practice being a social detective, and identify what is seen, or heard, to help the character in the social scene make a smart guess, figure out what others are thinking and finally, predict what they will do next.


The app is a wonderful tool for teachers, therapists and parents.  By creating customized avatars,  therapists are able to collect data on their student’s progress and even email scoring graphs.


I love this app! My students are really engaged by the videos and the ability to illustrate each character’s perspective is great! – SLP, private practice





You are a Social Detective Beginner

The You Are a Social Detective Beginner app has 3 exciting levels with numerous video prompts to break down social situations into functional terms. For Ages 7 – 12

Discover how to become a better social thinker with Social Skill Builder’s You Are A Social Detective Beginner App. This interactive App teaches children with Autism, Asperger’s and other special needs how to appropriately engage in everyday situations. It teaches them how to use their eyes, ears and brain to make smart social guesses and investigate clues to see how others’ emotions and responses are connected to their own behavior. Based on the You Are A Social Detective! book by Michelle Garcia Winner and Pamela Crooke of Social Thinking, the following social concepts come alive for children:

· Understanding Others’ Expected and Unexpected Behavior

· Understanding Others’ Comfortable and Uncomfortable Thoughts

· Learning to Use Your Social Tool Box Items (Eyes, Ears and Brain)

· Learning how to make Smart Guesses with your Social Tool Box Items

The You Are A Social Detective Beginner App allows the child to choose their own avatar and earn their social detective tools as they learn how to improve their social skills. Educators and parents can track and share progress by emailing graphs and percentages of outcomes after playing. This fun and engaging app is a great learning tool and autism resource for teaching social skills to all children!

Benefits for Social Skill Builder Apps

Social skill video modeling is one of many autism strategies for teaching social skills to children with autism and special needs. Our apps are excellent for:

  • social skill development for preschoolers with autism
  • modeling interactions for kids with autism
  • improving social skills for teens with autism
  • improving social skills for summer play dates
  • providing autism strategies for teaching social skills to children with autism 


SSB:  My School Day 

SSB: My School Day App  offers 19 modules, with various sequences of videos and questions for the user to view and react to by answering multiple choice questions. These video scenarios are of real interactions in preschool, elementary school, middle & high school and community settings. Within these settings children and young adults demonstrate common social interactions with their peers and other adults.  Social Skill Builder: My School Day App

Click below to view SSB: My School Day demo!

The modules contained in the SSB: My School Day App include:

2 modules in the title Preschool Playtime (Preschool & Playground)

13 modules in the title My School Day (Laughing, Table Talk, Classroom, Transition Time, Lunch Time, Jungle Gym, Team Games 1 & 2, Cubby, Eating, Playground, Hall & Line Up)

2 modules in the title My Community (Friend’s House & Restaurant)

2 modules in the title School Rules! (Hanging Out & Classroom Assignments)


Social Skill Builder Lite

The Social Skill Builder Lite app, a sample of sorts, contains one module of videos and questions each from the My School Day, Preschool Playtime, School Rules! and My Community titles.

Each module contains approximately 10 questions with corresponding videos of learning interactions!

We are constantly creating new content for new apps!

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