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Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) do not acquire basic social skills through general experience and observation, such as sharing enjoyment and maintaining eye contact. This social inadequacy often results in anxiety, depression, social avoidance, academic difficulties and problematic peer interactions.

Research has demonstrated that teaching social skills is one of the most effective treatments for children with ASD and helps them to succeed in their personal and academic lives.

Social Skill Builder has developed a curriculum of researched based, evidence-driven software programs that teach key social thinking, language, and behavior critical to everyday living for children with ASD.

We deliver this curriculum via the Social Skill Builder software series. The Social Skill Builders software series uses interactive video sequences to imitate real life social scenarios where children commonly interact with peers.  Check out our apps: Social Skill Builder App

The Social Skill Builder software teaches children the rules of social communication, which include everything from appropriate social touch, body space and speech volume to appropriate classroom behavior and lunchtime interaction.
Programs are designed to facilitate learning while providing opportunities to pause and discuss information, to replay scenarios for greater recall and understanding and to engage in exercises that help the child carry learned skills into everyday life.

Social Skill Builders products are designed for speech and occupational therapists, educators, counselors and psychologists, and parents who interact with children and adolescents ages 3-18 affected by ASD and other learning/language deficits. The software does not require outside instruction or maintenance.

Social skill video modeling is one of many autism strategies for teaching social skills to children with autism and special needs. Our apps are excellent for:

  • social skill development for preschoolers with autism
  • modeling interactions for kids with autism
  • improving social skills for teens with autism
  • improving social skills for summer playdates
  • providing autism strategies for teaching social skills to children with autism

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