Social Skills Apps For Children & Young Adults With Autism And Special Needs

Autism Software – You Are a Social Detective

Teaching Social Skills to Children with Autism – You Are A Social Detective!

Discover how to become a better social thinker with Social Skill Builders You Are A Social Detective!

This interactive software teaches children with autism, Aspergers and other special needs how to appropriately engage in everyday situations. Based on the You Are A Social Detective! book by Micelle G. Winner and Pamela Crooke of Social Thinking, the following social concepts come alive for children:

  • Understanding Others Expected and Unexpected Behavior
  • Understanding Others Comfortable and Uncomfortable Thoughts
  • Using Your Social Tool Box Items (Eyes, Ears and Brain)
  • Making the smart social guess using your social tool box items

You Are A Social Detective! has 6 exciting levels with more than 200 video prompts breaking down social situations into understandable terms. These fun and engaging autism videos are a great learning tool and autism resource for teaching social skills to all children! Great to use for summer playtime and the playground!




Developed for teachers, therapists, counselors and parents Social Skill Builders software uses real life scenarios and video modeling to teach social skills to children with autism, Aspergers and other special needs. You are a Social Detective! is appropriate for children aged 7-12.

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