Social Skills Apps For Children & Young Adults With Autism And Special Needs
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Interactive Software Curriculum

Social Skill Builder’s interactive social skill curriculum uses real-life video scenarios to engage visual learners. This unique and evidence based practice allows students to gain greater awareness of social cues and increases their social thought process to interact more successfully with their peers.

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Our Newest Theory of Mind Resource – Social Skill Builder’s Perspective Taking App

The Perspective Taking App targets students 9 thru adolescence, who are learning to read and interpret non-verbal cues and take the perspective of others.  

Social Thinking & Social Skill Builder Team Up to bring the Social Detective concepts to life!

The You are a Social Detective Beginner targets students ages 7-12, who are just discovering the Social Thinking (TM) concepts developed by Michelle Garcia Winner & Pamela Crooke.

The You are a Social Detective Intermediate targets students ages 7-12, who are ready to use their social thinking to make smart guesses.


Social Skill Builder Apps use “teachable moments” in familiar contexts

The SSB: My School Day App targets students in an elementary school setting.

The Social Skill Builder LITE is a sample of all of our products from preschool through high school.  In-App purchases are available with this App.